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The progressive motorcycle licence is for those over 17 years on 125cc motorcycles. Once you pass your full motorcycle test you are restricted to the size of motorcycle you tested on for 2 years. After the 2 year period you will be entitled to test on the next size of motorcycle. This means for example, that should you pass your test on a 125cc, after 2 years you can retest on a 500cc and ride bikes up to 35kw(47.7bhp). Most 600cc bikes can be restricted to <35kw. To take your progressive motorcycle licence you will need to complete and have a valid CBT certificate and theory test certificate. You will then be able to go for your full motorcycle licence.

The number of days training you will need to pass you progressive motorcycle licence, will very much depend on how your CBT went. We will let you know at the end of your CBT how many more days you will need. To go from CBT standard to full test standard, on average it will be 3-4 days in total.

What you need to bring on each day of your course:

Driving Licence with provisional category A

CBT and Motorcycle Theory certificates

Good knowledge of the highway code (essential)

Weatherproof clothing and sturdy footwear (we have FREE safety equipment)

Payment –  Card before the course please






“Huge thanks for a fantastic week of training” Alfie

“Unbelievable result for a first-timer....thankyou” Claire

“I had such fun and learnt so much, cant thank you guys enough” Tom

“Its been a blast!” Simon

“A big thankyou to the whole team, especially Luke-indebted Bro” David

“A great big thankyou to the best team ever” Tim