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This motorcycle refresher course is recommended for all those riders who have been away from biking for more than 3 years or would like to hone your skills. The realities are that training many years ago was to a very poor standard or non-existent, I know I was there! The roads have got so much busier in the past 10 years and the level of instruction to new riders these days is hard and intensive.

We want to help refresh those long forgotten skills and teach new skills. We want you the rider leaving us after a days retraining happier and more confident-more aware, more controlled and above all, feeling far safer.

Every refresher course is tailored to your requirements from confidence building on our bike in our training area, to concerns with particular aspects of your riding on your bike on road. We are fully qualified to assess and teach riding skills for life.



“Huge thanks for a fantastic week of training” Alfie

“Unbelievable result for a first-timer....thankyou” Claire

“I had such fun and learnt so much, cant thank you guys enough” Tom

“Its been a blast!” Simon

“A big thankyou to the whole team, especially Luke-indebted Bro” David

“A great big thankyou to the best team ever” Tim