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  Compulsory Basic Training



The aim of our CBT is to enable you to be a confident solo rider

The CBT is a minimum of 7 hours training. In some cases this course may take a little longer, especially for example if you are a complete beginner on a geared bike. We will get a better idea of this as the day unfolds.

The CBT is not just a ride round some cones then a dash out on the road. It is a structured course, subject to DSA guidelines, consisting of 5 sections. Each section must be completed to a satisfactory standard in the eyes of your instructor before moving onto the next section and so on. This is not an easy day and you should come with an open mind to learn. You will be able to ask questions and this is actively encouraged to improve your understanding. You will be asked about your knowledge of the highway code before we go on road. You will learn new techniques which improve your riding skills as a whole.

The end result of the CBT is to receive a certificate (DL196) which will entitle you to ride up to a 50cc moped when 16 yrs+ or 125cc motorcycle when 17yrs+, with "L" plates subject to the restrictions; no pillions to be carried at any time and not allowed to ride on motorways. 

What you need to bring on the day of your CBT:

Driving Licence with category A or AM

Packed Lunch

Good knowledge of the highway code (essential)

Sturdy footwear that covers your ankle (we have FREE safety equipment ) 

Payment - Card before the course please

We would like you to be at our site for 8:45am and you can expect to finish at 4:00pm approx.


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“Huge thanks for a fantastic week of training” Alfie

“Unbelievable result for a first-timer....thankyou” Claire

“I had such fun and learnt so much, cant thank you guys enough” Tom

“Its been a blast!” Simon

“A big thankyou to the whole team, especially Luke-indebted Bro” David

“A great big thankyou to the best team ever” Tim